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 Problem "Error Compiling Movie" for exporting MXF files from Canon XF to Adobe Premiere

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PostSubyek: Problem "Error Compiling Movie" for exporting MXF files from Canon XF to Adobe Premiere   Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:22 am

Problem "Error Compiling Movie" for exporting MXF files from Canon XF to Adobe Premiere

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Canon XF camcorder are very excellent, many professional users got this series camcorder to record vivid videos. Canon XF camcorder recorded video format is MXF, which is not easy to use, you may encounter many problems when dealing with this video format.

Recently, a users complaining that he always have a "ERROR COMPILING MOVIE: UNKNOWN" problem when he want to export MXF files from Adobe Premiere, below is what he said.

I'm strictly an amateur using a Canon XF100 camera with Premiere Pro 6.0. And frankly, your program has saved my butt insofar as it permits me to use Premiere. And here's why:

There are a number of error messages which can come up. A common one, and a common problem going back years (with earlier versions of Premere Pro) and still existing now, is this: ERROR COMPILING MOVIE: UNKNOWN. The Internet is full of discussions while Adobe has the usual "corrupt file" and other, what I consider, excuses, which suggests an inability to deal with this. (Let me quickly add that Adobe is an otherwise EXCELLENT company offering EXCELLENT software products!) The problem rears its head, in my case, with MXF files, reference to which is also made in some of the discussion groups/forums. It's quite possible that others who have suffered similarly are also using MXF files but don't mention it as they haven't yet drawn the connection. That could also be unlikely, as MXF files are a recent phenomenon while this problem dates back several years and even includes Premiere Elements. (Just Google ERROR COMPILING MOVIE: UNKNOWN!)

Anyway, when exporting a movie composed of MXF clips, whether it's to AVI, H.264, etc., this error can come up, in particular when the movie is "long" i.e. a half minute to a minute. Otherwise, with short clips there is no problem. It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out. The bottom line, however, is that once I convert my MXF files to H.264 using PAVTUBE, there are absolutely no problems regardless of length… which in my case is perhaps a four minute movie.

I thought you might want to know this as not only is it perhaps a great sales tool, but it will also permit Premiere Pro users to rectify this problem and continue on with, as in my case, Adobe's Creative Cloud. Frankly, I was ready to call them and exercise my 30-day option to cancel. But thanks to your excellent program I don't have to and can continue to use their excellent program.

As you seen above, Pavtube MXF Converter can help you solve this exporting problem, it's a great tool to solve MXF import/edit/export problems. For Adobe Premiere, it has a presetted format for output, as shown below, you may try this profile when dealing with Canon/Panasonic/Sony MXF files.

Quote :

Now you can try Pavtube MXF Converter for Win or MXF Converter for Mac, many output formats are presetted, like Adobe Premiere, Avid, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, or FCP X, iMovie, FCE, etc. Just try as you want. you can also get 20% off in Pavtube Euro 2012 Promotion.

You can find more solutions in Pavtube Canon Column or MXF to Mac Column.

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Problem "Error Compiling Movie" for exporting MXF files from Canon XF to Adobe Premiere
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